Thursday, August 20, 2009

Getting Fit and Getting Old.

Working out at the gym, running, jogging, and any kind of thing like that, just is not for me, not at all. My friend who loves jogging and running, says after he goes for a big run up around a few blocks and up and down a massive hill and back, he gets this thing he calls a 'Runners High' but I can get the same feeling after eating a bag of Doritos and a hot dog and then walk up a flight of stairs. I tried going to the gym once, the trainer said, "You get addicted." I said, "No, I don't think so, I think I could quit the gym any time I want, I think I could quit the gym cold turkey, and then eat the cold turkey."
I don't mind if you like doing this stuff, just keep it away from me; just remember, every hour you spend at the gym, is an hour I'm sitting at the bar chatting up your girlfriend.
Another thing that annoys me, not as much as the working out, but it still annoys me, is how people are so afraid of getting old. Why are we so afraid of getting old? Each generation gets weaker and lazier, I don't care how old you are, your parents were twice as tough as you are, my father used to walk across town to get to school, and he works at night, but, if I go to the store, and the barber in the same day, then I need a nap. I am 16, so, I'm not even aloud to drink alcohol yet, but when my father was my age, he was leaving for the navy, and had his future planned out, I have done nothing about my future, and my biggest achievement in life has been owning all nine seasons of 'Seinfeld' and all eleven seasons of 'Frasier' on DVD. Isn't it weird, the only time you look forward to getting older, is when you're a little kid, when you're twelve or younger you're so excited you count in fractions, "I'm four and a half." You're never thirty-four and a half. Then when you reach your teenage years, you skip whole numbers, "I'm going to be 16." You could be 15, but you're going to be 16. Then, you become 21, you 'become' 21, it sounds like a big thing, but you turn 30, you 'turn' 30, it makes you sound like bad milk. Then, you are pushing 40, "oh, stay over there." Then, you reach 50, and you make it to 60, and then you've built up so much speed and momentum, that you hit 70. Then when you're in your 90's you start going backwards, "I was just 92." Then, if you are lucky enough to make it into your 100's then you become a little kid again, "I'm 104 and a half."

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