Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Three Rules Of Life.

My three rules of life, that I believe could really help you in life, are:
1) Bust your arse.
2) Pay attention.
3) Fall in love.
Bust your arse - Just work as hard as you can, you can't go wrong if just work as hard as you can, just work your arse off.
Pay attention - People don't noticed things enough, people don't see things until it hits them in the face, so pay attention to everything that is happening around you, absorb everything, ask questions, it'll help you learn.
Fall in love - This doesn't necessarily mean love in a romantic sense. The main thing I mean here is, appreciate everything good that happens, no matter how little, or insignificant it may seem, just be grateful for it, if you get a really good cup of coffee, really take time to notice it, think to yourself, "Yes, this is a really good coffee, it could be a terrible shitty coffee, but it's not." or if you get a good parking space... if something good happens, really appreciate it.

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